Oceanfront Dining

Many who visit Port d’Hiver and Melbourne Beach love to sample the local restaurants. One of the most common questions we get is “where can we go to have dinner on the ocean?” Unfortunately, there haven’t been any great places to send our guests that are oceanfront. Locals will recall restaurants such as Boomerangs,┬áSampertons, the Beachfront Inn and Chuck’s Steakhouse. All these succumbed to either the hurricanes or the condo boom.

Now a new restaurant is being built – and it is right accross the street! The shell of the building that formerly housed Boomerangs and was lost to hurricanes Frances and Jeanne is being renovated by Djon Pepaj. For those who have strolled down to Djon’s for dinner or taken the short drive to City Tropics Bistro or Andiamos, you know Djon’s knack for atmosphere and food.

The photo below was taken today. I don’t know the estimated opening date. They probably have a couple months to go.

Check out the information on Djon’s website: http://www.citytropics.com/.