No Doilies Here…

“Bed and breakfasts have faced more typecasting than Adam West, and for good reason,” says Steve Garbarino in The Wall Street Journal. “For every rave scribbled in a needlepoint guest book, there are just as many horror stories about a weekend in a Victorian ‘gem’ or ‘rustic’ farmhouse crammed with dried flowers and figurines, presided over by an omnipresent, rule-obsessed caretaker.”

One my favorite things about being an innkeeper at our Melbourne Beach B&B is that almost every single day we have a good belly laugh with a guest who shares their good humor and funny story with us either at breakfast or wine hour, or as they pass through to get a cookie on the way to the beach.

But it’s not just the guests who are funny. This week in Little Rock, Arkansas innkeepers from around the nation are attending the annual PAII (Professional Association of Innkeepers) conference. These busy and creative folks are attending educational classes, sharing innovative tips for pampering guests, brainstorming new and creative ideas for breaking through that “Old Ladies and Doilies” stereotype and getting the good word out through the Better Way to Stay campaign.

Romantic Florida Getaway
















Even though the main house at Port d’Hiver was built in 1916, we are proud to say the living room at our romantic Florida getaway is 100% Doily free!

Check out the Better Way to Stay’s latest video “Death to Doilies” for a little taste of quirky innkeeper humor.