Why Melbourne Beach, Florida is the Perfect Alternative to an International Destination

Don’t feel bad if you have to skip on a vacation to The Bahamas with the wonder of a weekend getaway near Melbourne Beach and take a tropical trip without the hassle of international travel. There’s no need to go far for a  memorable vacation with everything you need for a relaxing retreat right here at Port d’Hiver. Read on and learn how you can save both time and money on a Florida weekend getaway while enjoying the best that Florida has to offer.

luxurious grounds at Port d'Hiver

Traveling is Simpler and Less Expensive

International travel can be expensive, with flights and connections to consider as well as possible losses in currency conversion rates and other factors that can make it a complicated affair. Introduce some blessed simplicity to your travel plans and get a intimate resort experience all while staying within the continental United States. You can take the money that would have been spent and reinvest it into luxurious add-ons like spa trips, wine or Champagne, and delectable delights like chocolate-covered strawberries, Hope Royale cookies, and even a decadent special occasion cake for two! Enrich your getaway without sacrificing quality accommodations at our romantic Florida bed and breakfast.

couple on a weekend getaway near Melbourne Beach

Stay with Peace of Mind

Have a truly private stay away from large crowds and an easier time social distancing in a small beach community with plenty of room to explore. No need to worry about finding a spot on the beach or fighting through a horde of people to get the perfect place to take a sunset photo. We have also taken great strides to ensure the health and safety of our guests while staying here and, to that end, have introduced ultraviolet and ozone technology to the housekeeping services.

steak and lobster dinner at a melbourne beach restaurant

Savor International Flavors Close to Home

Have the best of both worlds at Port d’Hiver with a varied selection of international flavors right nearby and sample delicious dishes from some of our personal favorites.

  • Cafe Coconut Cove is perfect for fans of German cuisine and is only a 10-minute drive away from the Inn. We highly recommend their signature Wienerschnitzel and you can enjoy gorgeous views of the Indian River while you eat.
  • Djon’s Steak and Lobster House is just a short three-block walk from Port d’Hiver. Enjoy live jazz and piano performances in a romantic setting perfect for a casual dinner. We are good friends with the managers and they always ensure our guests have an amazing time, so make sure and say hello if you get the chance!
ocean view room for a Florida weekend getaway in Melbourne Beach

Soak Up the Charm of Our Small Town

One of the biggest advantages of staying with us is the surrounding community we are a part of. Stunning scenery and a small, secluded area mean that you don’t have to spend as much time in crowds around tourist traps that don’t present an authentic experience. A Florida weekend getaway to Melbourne Beach offers beautiful beaches and breathtaking views with opportunities for incredible photos that might be difficult to take elsewhere. A truly organic art and culture scene creates unique experiences and memorable moments only found here and we highly recommend visiting some of the area’s many attractions including museums, art galleries, and interactive painting and pottery studios. There’s a little something for everyone with hidden gems and secret spots tucked away for you to discover!

ocean view room for a Florida weekend getaway in Melbourne Beach

Stay in Luxury Accommodations

Unplug with a tropical seaside destination and save on a stay that has all the amenities of a more expensive vacation without the worries that come with it. Our historic hotel in Melbourne Beach, FL is the perfect destination for a romantic weekend getaway with comfortable rooms, luxurious amenities, and personal touches that make every visit unique. Settle into one of our 12 beautiful rooms with plush king beds, jetted spa tubs, private porches and balconies, and stunning ocean views. Wake up to a delicious breakfast delivered every morning with fresh fruit, pastries, and hot options as well as afternoon wine hour with drinks and light snacks every day. Save on a stay at Port d’Hiver and start planning your escape to paradise.

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