A Typical Day with Gluten-Free Friends at our Melbourne Beach Inn

Melbourne Beach InnRoom Service Breakfast on Ella Belle’s Porch

In past blogs we talked about special dietary restrictions and shared a few of our favorite recipes, but this week is turning out to be Gluten Free Week here at our Melbourne Beach inn! Just by coincidence,  half of our guests require gluten-free meals and three more gluten-free email requests have come in for people checking in the next few days. We love it when our friends give advance notice about their dietary needs so that we can be sure to make their stay easy, fun and best of all delicious.

So, for all of you who ever wondered what a typical gluten free day is like when you visit with us at our Melbourne inn, here is a run down of yesterday’s fare. The only dish on the list that we do not have a GF safe version of is our Swiss Eggs, because it is made with cream of chicken soup, but we served them yesterday anyway because our friend in Walter’s Room just loves them!


To start:Melbourne Beach Inn

  • Fresh berry mix with
  • Strawberry Pineapple muffins

Main dishes, guests’ choice:

  • Baked asparagus eggs with olive oil, mozzarella and fresh basil
  • Puff pancakes with brown sugar peaches and vanilla glaze
  • Scrambled or poached eggs with cheese and toast (yes, gluten free!)
  • Swiss Eggs with Canadian Bacon served on English muffin

Side dishes:    

  • Applewood bacon and cowhand potatoes

Appetizers at 5:00

  • Hummus with roasted pine nuts served with blue corn tortilla chips
  • Tarragon chicken salad on nut thins with celery
  • Selection of sliced cheeses

Turndown treats and snacks

  • Fudge Brownies and chocolate chip cookies
Remember to let us know if you require a gluten-free meal, and we’ll be happy to serve you during your stay at our Melbourne Beach inn!