Rocket Launches Near Our Florida B&B

Rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center

“There’s something about witnessing a live rocket launch that leaves a person in awe. The sheer spectacle of sights and sounds is a jaw-dropping, bucket-list experience.”

Seeing a rocket launch in person is a summer bucket list item you can check off your list this summer in Melbourne Beach. The incredible Kennedy Space Center is near our Melbourne Beach hotel and our guests take full advantage of this by getting to see some spectacular launches. Here is all the information you need to enjoy your time in Florida this summer and marvel at out-of-this-world launches.

View a rocket launch near our Melbourne Beach B&B

Need to Know When to Plan Your Trip to Melbourne Beach?

Here are some upcoming launches (plus some can’t-miss events)!

  • ULA Atlas V TDRS-M Launch – August (Exact Date TBD)
  • SpaceX CRS-12 – August (Exact Date TBD)
  • Summer of Mars – Mars-themed shows and special astronaut appearances, various times through September 4
  • The 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Space Center Celebration – August 1
  • Meet Astronaut JR Reilly – Enjoy a live presentation from an astronaut! Various dates throughout the summer
  • Fly with an Astronaut – Take a guided tour of the Kennedy Space Center, Various dates throughout the summer
  • NASA’s SonicBAT – Hear sonic booms at the visitor complex during NASA’s SonicBAT program at KSC! August 21-September 1


Wondering Where You Can View Rocket Launches?

At Our Own Beach!

Just next door to our Melbourne Beach bed and breakfast is Ocean Park. It’s the perfect place to view the launches. Launchpads are located 45 minutes north of Ocean Park, giving you a great view and free admission. Plus, you can spend time hanging out on the beach and in the park before and after launches. Make a day of it!

Exploration Tower

With an incredible vantage point at which to witness live launches, Exploration Tower offers panoramic views, a seventh-floor outdoor observation deck, high-end telescopes, and more fun extras like a cafe and gift shop. Exploration Tower is located in Port Canaveral.

Kennedy Space Center

Don’t overlook this obviously great location. View rocket launches at the Kennedy Space Center with live launch commentary from experts in the field of space. Being this close to the launch pad will be an especially unique experience as you will actually be able to feel the liftoff due to the incredibly strong engines that these rockets have.

Group sharing pizza after a rocket launch in Florida

Want to Eat Out After a Launch?

Try Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar

Enjoy a great meal and a refreshing drink with a great view! This is one of the best seafood restaurants in the area with high-quality local fish and marinating and grilling that creates incredible dishes for every taste. Located next to KSC in Cape Canaveral.

Matt’s Casbah

For something a little different and so fun, try Matt’s Casbah, with great sushi and a live band on the front porch! Matt’s is in historic downtown Melbourne. You can walk around downtown and enjoy the nightlife after your meal. Located 10 minutes from the inn and 45 minutes from KSC.

Oceanside Pizza

For a more casual option, enjoy this wonderful pizza place within walking distance of the inn. (This would be an ideal place to eat after watching the launch at Ocean Park!) They are open until 9 pm.