Popping the Question at Port D’Hiver

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”   Jane Austin, Pride and Prejudice

melbourne beach bed and breakfast flowers  

At 4:00 on a Friday afternoon, Scott and Allison, two new young guests from Elkridge, Maryland, bustled in the front door of Port d’Hiver with bags in hand ready to check-in for a relaxing & romantic Florida getaway. We shook hands, introduced ourselves and after signing in, took the grand tour together.  First, where to find the cookies (always everyone’s favorite stop!), then I showed them where the snack room is, how to turn the bubbles on in the spa pool and where to find the beach towels, chairs and coolers.

We chatted about wine hour and breakfast as we carried their bags up to the Sunrise Room. When I opened the door Allison was so excited to see the purple alstroemeria and white roses on her beside stand, their ocean view and the welcome card on the bed with their names on it.

romantic florida getaway beach

A little while later at about 4:55, Erika was pulling the spinach ring out of the oven getting ready for wine hour at five when Scott popped his head in the kitchen door and frantically whispered that he was planning to propose and needed to know how he should do it and fast before Allison showed up for a glass of wine.

romantic florida getaway candleBeing a quick thinker, Erika whispered back, “If I were you, after wine hour I’d walk down and see the sunset on the river in front of Djon’s, then go in for dinner and a little live music over dessert. Afterwards, you should walk back to the beach and pop the question under the moon. While you’re out we’ll set up the Romance Package with roses petals, candles, champagne and music as a surprise for when you get back.”

The next morning over breakfast, Allison and Scott (who I would guess are about the same age as our oldest daughter Jade) sat out in the courtyard of our Melbourne Beach Inn under the Allamanda flowers looking so happy they shined and our other guests couldn’t help but notice that something special was going on. Allison enthusiastically shared a detailed account of how romantic and wonderful  and perfect Scott’s proposal had been.

As I poured coffee, Allison showed us her beautiful new platinum engagement ring with its princess cut stone and tiny Pave diamonds and told us that it was exactly what she always wanted. She explained that her mom had a very “dated” looking gold wedding set with marquise cut stone and matching band that had little baguettes on the sides and she was really glad she didn’t get one like that because it was so “eighties” and out of style but she just didn’t have the heart to tell her mom because her mom is so great. I smiled and told her how incredibly beautiful and timeless her ring is and how cute the two of them are together and how proud their parents must be and took their breakfast order.

romantic florida getaway baguette ringThings got a little tricky after that because I had to do everything with one hand, since my left stayed in my pocket. Here is a picture of Mike and my wedding rings on our wedding day baguettes and all. Ha! Dated or not we still love them and love being innkeepers at such a romantic Melbourne Beach Bed and Breakfast too!