It is Sea Turtle Nesting Season in Florida

Sea Turtle Nesting Season in FloridaNighttime is Exciting in Florida – It is Sea Turtle Nesting Season!

Daytime activities like surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, bike riding and exploring nature trails aren’t the only ways to enjoy Melbourne Beach. It’s also a beautiful time of year at night in Port D’Hiver’s tropical courtyard and across the street at Ocean Park for sea turtle nesting season!

CereusRecent guests have been enjoying our night blooming cereus, magnolia and jasmine. Also called “princess of the night,” night blooming cereus is a type of cacti with large white flowers that blossom once a year, for only a few short weeks (see a picture from our courtyard above). In addition to this special event, our magnolia and jasmine are also in full bloom, creating a wonderfully aromatic and picturesque courtyard, where many guests like to lounge during our cocktail hour, after a fun day in the sun.

It is also sea turtle nesting season! Equipped with our special turtle-friendly flashlights, guests have fun exploring Ocean Park’s beach, looking for evidence of giant sea turtles and covered egg nests.

Smell our beautiful flowers, hear the peaceful ocean waves, and take part in nature’s magical nighttime adventures at our Melbourne Beach hotel.