Our Local Gem – the Sebastian Inlet!

Sebastian InletThe Sebastian Inlet is a local gem of beautiful beaches, a family-fun lagoon, an informational sea turtle sanctuary and outdoor sports including kayaking, boating, and fishing. Only a short 15 mile drive down scenic A1A, many of our guests make it a must-explore destination, and for good reason!

The stunning beaches… The inlet’s public beaches stretch for what seems like miles. Enjoy soaking up the sun, dining at the beach side Inlet Grill and Gifts, and splashing around in our Atlantic waters. These beaches are also home to popular surf competitions in what locals fondly call Sebastian Inlet Beaches in Florida“The Monster Hole.” What makes this area so special? When conditions are right, a reef off shore creates waves large enough to thrill those daring enough to surf it (and pretty exciting for onlookers!).

The calm lagoon… A stone’s throw away from the beach is the relaxing lagoon. Because of its calm, shallow water the lagoon is a popular spot for families and swimmers. Keep your eyes peeled – dolphins also like to play just outside of the lagoon’s rock walls.

Sebastian Inlet Beaches in FloridaThe Barrier Island Sanctuary… Located a mile north of the Inlet’s lagoon, the Barrier Island Barrier Island Sanctuary Turtles in FloridaSanctuary is a great way to learn more about the area’s diverse habitats and sea creatures, including sea turtles. Through interactive exhibits, educational films, and a 1 mile hiking trail from the beach to the lagoon, the Sanctuary offers a fun, indoor activity for beach and nature lovers.

Sebastian Inlet BeachOutdoor sports… The Sebastian Inlet Marina rents kayaks, boats, and fishing gear. Looking for a guided experience? They also have private kayak and pontoon boat Eco Tours. For the more adventurous fisherman, the Marina offers full or half day charters on the ocean or river. For more information about any of these activities, please visit the Marina’s website (www.sebastianinlet.com) or call them at 321-724-5424.

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